About us

The research group Architecture and Intelligent Living tackles questions related to accessibility, comfort perception in built spaces and data-driven design and operation. In the context of accessibility, our work focuses on how buildings and cities could be designed to support equitable access and independence of all people. With a focus on comfort perception, we like to advance our understanding of what makes spaces pleasant and restorative for different people, temporalities and contexts. In terms of data-driven design and operations, we like to address the issues of health in spaces and climate awareness, particularly how this information can be used to support occupant decision-making and improve buildings at the design stages. By examining the physical space in relationship to information and technology, our work also asks whether and how the presence of technology can support our usage and experience of built spaces.

AIL is part of Real-World Lab accessibility.




16th Oct. 2023

Saebom Song joins the laboratory of Architecture and Intelligent Living.

Oct. 2023

Caroline Karmann and Abel Sepulveda Luque attended the 30th Quadrennial Session of the CIE in Ljubljana, Slovenia. Caroline presented on the variation in non‐image forming effects of light at the workplace. This work is based on field studies in two open plan offices with different orientations and during different seasons. 

Until end of April 2024

The lab of Architecture & Intelligent Living (AIL) is seeking for participants.

20th Apr. 2023

The Laboratory for Architecture and Intelligent Living is participating in the IEB Science Week "Aesthetics Technology and Innovation" at Triangle (Kronenplatz, Karlsruhe). 

1st Mar. 2023

Abel Sepulveda Luque joins the laboratory of Architecture and Intelligent Living.

inaugural lecture
8th Feb. 2023

How to define intelligent living?

– Inaugural lecture by Prof.'in Dr. Caroline Karmann

22nd Dec. 2022

Caroline Karmann appears in KIT news: Digital technologies and building for an inclusive society