New staff in AIL

SaeBom embarked on her academic journey by pursuing a Bachelor's degree in Urban Planning at Hanyang University in Seoul, South Korea. Driven by her curiosity to discover diverse cultures, she traveled to South Africa and the USA in 2009 and 2010. Subsequently, she pursued her Master's degree in architecture and urban planning in Germany in 2012, fuelled by her passion for exploring new cultural perspectives. Saebom worked as a proactive urban planner and project manager, where she discovered her love for working with diverse citizens and stakeholders through a bottom-up approach. Since 2023, she has been a PhD candidate at the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology with her theme “Socio-Technical Futures of the Smart City: ICT, Urban Development, and Power”. Following a dynamic career in urban planning across various architecture and urban planning firms, SaeBom transitioned to the realm of education at KIT in 2020. With her hands-on experience, Saebom is now actively developing innovative digital mapping methods and knowledge transfer methods to build trust between society and academia. This venture is complemented by her pursuit of a PhD and her personal journey, both of which have galvanized her to embark on a groundbreaking research endeavor at AIL. SaeBom's research at AIL is a pioneering exploration of accessible mapping methods for our intricate built environment.