New staff in AIL

Zeynep (she/her) completed her bachelor studies in Koc University, in psychology and media & visual arts. During her bachelor studies, she was involved in projects around design for autism friendly spaces in KUAR Design Lab, Koc University. During this time, she was also building her identity as a disabled person, and also was looking for ways to use her own experiences in her professional practice. In 2018, she started her PhD studies in Futurewell Research Group in Design, Technology and Society program at Koc University. Her studies focused on mixed-ability interactions, and she questioned how collaborative technologies support the mixed-ability interactions from a Disabilty Justice perspective. She completed her PhD studies in September, 2023. As a researcher, she is supporting a social enterprenour team “Accessible Everything”, and also engages in activist work around accessibility. Zeynep started to work as a Post-doc researcher in the AIL research group at Karlsruhe Instute of Technology in February 2024. Her research as part of AIL focuses on understanding interdependent interactions of disabled people with assistive technologies and space, from the Disability Justice perspective.