Space Perception and Visual Impairment

  • Type: seminar week
  • Semester: SS24
  • Time:

    Tu. 21.05 – Fr. 24.05

    From 9am daily. 

  • Lecturer:

    Prof. Dr. Caroline Karmann

    Jingying Dong

    Seabom Song

    Dr. Zeynep Yildiz

    Dr. Abel Sepulveda


Understanding the environment around us is very useful and reassuring. It helps us to reach given locations and gives us the confidence to explore new places. To understand spaces, we first use our vision. This is how we perceive shapes, estimate distances and read maps. But what do people with visually impairment rely on to understand spaces?

During this week, we want to raise students' awareness of the visual impairment, get them to test and identify the visual and non-visual elements that are useful for understanding space, and confront them with the creation of media (e.g. tactile maps) to enable visually impaired people to understand building plans.

The week will include a trip to Frankfurt for the exhibition "Dialogues in the Dark", a trip to Marburg, a historical city later adapted to blind users, and exchanges with multiple guests to discuss space perception and research on accessible mapping.