Accessible Campus

  • Type: impromptu designs
  • Time:

    Th. 10:30 - 12:00

  • Start: Th. 15.06.2023
  • Lecturer:

    Prof. Caroline Karmann

    Prof. Sabine Hopp (TU Darmstadt)

  • ECTS: 4
  • Lv-No.: 1720565
  • Information:


    English / Deutsch


This is a practical exercise (Stegreif) with a focus on public space, conceived and accompanied by Prof. Sabine Hopp, TUDa. As a test, a KIT library - and the associated outdoor areas as well as access - will be used for a self-test with the aim of a change of perspective. The self-test will take place using components of GERT, an age simulation suit as well as other elements suggesting mobile and sensory limitation. This “Stegreif” is divided into 2 weeks or phases:

Week 1: In this first phase, students are asked to complete self-tests and observations of the spaces. Students are encouraged to group together for this task. After one week, students will meet with faculty to present and discuss their analysis, impressions, and observations.

Week 2: Following this first phase, students are asked to develop a new design proposal. The final presentation is scheduled for the end of week 2.