Participants recruitment

Our research group “Architecture and Intelligent Living” is conducting two studies to better understand the needs of people with disabilities. We invite students with disabilities to participate in one or in both of the following 45-minutes one-to-one interviews:

  • Interview 1: Campus usage and the role of the built environment for disabled students (Contact: Saebom Song,∂
  • Interview 2: Navigation on the campus and the role of the built environment for visually impaired students (Contact: Jingying Dong, jingying.dong∂

The participation in the interviews can be conducted in German or English, for each interview you will receive an expense allowance of 20€. Participation can take place online via Big Button Blue or in person on the KIT campus or at another suitable location. 

Of course, you are welcome to contact us in advance for further questions. Thank you for considering being a part of our study. We greatly appreciate your time and willingness to contribute.


(The research runs until the end of April 2024.)



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